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The Heart Behind Life Stories

Imagine walking down the Main Street in your local town. Completely naked. Every part of your physical person exposed. Oh and it’s Saturday afternoon - the towns packed. Everyone can see you. And I mean everyone. From little kids to pervy old Mike and everyone in between.

For most people that scenario is the stuff of nightmares. The idea of being truly open, fully naked is understandably terrifying. Can’t say I’d be lining up to do it myself. In being naked you are showing everything. Stuff you like. Stuff you don’t. Scars, fat, hair where people think it shouldn’t be. It’s all on display.

Sharing your story is just like beginning to take off layers of clothing. It’s scary. Part of you will almost feel ashamed to do it. Like you’re showing something dirty.

Society is all about “put your best foot forward.” Job interviews, first dates, physical appearance, get a spot cover the spot, feel scared - hide it, wanna cry - stop yourself. Over and over and over again the message is only show your best. Don’t let them see you are weak or hurting.

The reality about a best food forward mentality is that people never see the real real you. Only see the parts of you that you want to put forward. It can leave a feeling of emptiness. Like there's a secret you that you're trying to hide from everyone else.

Sharing your story is damn scary at first. Of course it is. It's counter cultural. Especially counter small town cultural. But it has the potential to bring amazing changes to your life. I can attest to that.

This blog was never primarily supposed to be about me. My vision was that it would reach and truly help suffering people out there.

With that in mind I am super excited to be adding a life stories section to the blog. These are real people telling their own story in their own words. Some I know personally, others I've connected with online. Some want to share their identity others do not.

For me the most exciting thing is that these people are willing to share their own story and I am super blessed to be able to promote them.

Please read and offer encouragement - they are doing something amazing

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