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Amber Adel - Why I Write

My writing/ blogging journey began in October 2018 after my mind started to feel terribly noisy. In the previous months I had noticed that I had lost touch with myself slightly. I also noticed that not only was I tremendously emotional, I was experiencing a lot more lows than usual.

I started writing, initially script writing as I come from an acting background. So I started putting effort into a stage script which tackled the theme of loss. After a while I decided that writing was incredibly helpful with getting feelings out and processing them, so that was where my blog began. However, this time when I wrote I would write a week by week account regarding how I was feeling and what new things had happened mental health wise and whether it was better or worse than the week before.

Slowly this developed into a journey of not only my mental health but of who I was as a person. Getting all those emotions, thoughts and experiences out on paper somehow made processing what was happening to my mind a lot easier to comprehend.

Writing is something so simple, but also something I had avoided for so long because I always said that I wasn’t any good at it. However, by having a breakdown in my mental health I was able to explore this, explore people and feelings in a different way. I was also used to being very open and honest when writing, which always helps when you’re starting out and certainly helps when you’re doing it for your mental health.

So as cruddy as my mental health journey was, it actually had its positives. Because without this deterioration I would have never learned how to express myself, the reasoning or thought process behind what was going on in my mind. I have been able to not only enjoy writing, but explore and craft my styles and skills, as well as become another advocate for mental health that is determined to change the conversation around mental health.

Because at the end of the day, there is absolutely no shame in having mental health issues!

Thank you Amber for your contribution. It's great to see someone else so passionate about changing the way we look at mental health.

Please show her some support by checking out her blog and social media.

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