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Hobbies That Clear Your Head and Make you Money 

It’s been said that one of the best things for your mental health is to get involved with at least one hobby that you enjoy. This not only gives you something to focus on, but it also helps to keep you calm and centred. 

We are taking it one step further and suggest that being involved with certain hobbies can also help to  make you some money.

Some time ago, mental health blogger Jess gave us these tips on the subject. The more we thought about it, the more we realised that we are actually sitting on some goldmine ideas that can help our mental health and our wallets.

Here are a few of our passions that have actually made us some money in the past, and they could possibly help you readers too:

Baking to improve mental health

We absolutely love baking and find it quite easy to follow recipes, make modifications and we also love experimenting with decorating cakes.

Over the years we have put this skill and knowledge to the test and made cakes for birthdays, anniversaries and even a wedding cake.

We have to be careful though as we don’t do this as a job but actually as a hobby which we enjoy.

If someone wants us to make a cake for a celebration, we have to factor in all the costs to see if it will be worth it financially. Cake making can be an expensive hobby so we are careful to make sure we tally all the finances properly so that we don’t take on another headache.


Before we were teenagers, our mom sent us next door to a young lady who was really good at crotcheting. We would sit on her veranda and just watched her until we got the knack of things. After some time, we learnt that valuable skill and in our forties we used that skill to make blankets, baby items, shawls and baby comforters, not just for the sake of making them but to sell. This has been quite a little earner for us. Some of the items we listed online and once  we even entered a craft fair where most of the items we had for sale were crotcheted items.

These days we are quite busy with lots of thing happening all at the same time but whenever we feel stressed and have the time to sit down, we crotchet. It is really really calm and soothing. We don’t sell a lot these days but the items that we crotchet make beautiful gifts for our families and friends.


We have enjoyed doing craft since our primary school days and right throughout our lives we have dabbled in one form of craft or another, from paper craft, to bookbinding. Of all the hobbies we have dabbled in perhaps this one is the one that has given us the most monetary return. Granted, it is the one that we have invested the most in. We recently bought ourselves a cricut machine that was recommended by a friend in Holland,  and although it was quite expensive, we have really enjoyed using it.

We have used it for paper craft, as well as to decorate insulated and plastic bottles and cups and also to add decorative features to bags. 

As well as being very therapeutic, we are grateful that it has earned us some cash to cover the cost of the materials and the machine itself. And also that it has helped us to be less stressed! That is always a plus!